Liberal Christianity 

I’ve had a complicated relationship with religion as an adult. I’ve always been very liberal minded in my views, which I’ve often felt competed my faith. The message I received from society was that I had to choose. I could either be Christian or liberal, but not both. I felt drawn to religion, but saw so many messages of hate and close mindedness. That wasn’t something I wanted any part of, so disassociated myself from Christianity. I still had a relationship with God, but knew in my heart it wasn’t as strong as it could be. 

I knew I was at a crossroads. So I began to dive deep into myself to answer some important questions. What is God’s fundamental message? When it comes down to it, what above all is he trying to teach us? After much prayer and soul searching I finally realized, God is love. He wants us to show love in all areas of our lives. He wants us to be love. That was a message I could get behind.

Unfortunately I fear there always will be be people using religion as an excuse for hatred. But I truly believe the way to fight that is with love. That doesn’t mean we should just pray for these people and sit idly by. While prayer is great, we can also use our love in other ways. We can be champions for the people and organizations that need us. We can volunteer our time. We can show people on the other side that God is working through us.

Liberal Christians are out there, I’m one of them. 


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