International Womens Day

I’m currently working a seasonal job repairing windshields. I’m the only female site operator in our territory, and I happen to be very good at what I do. This morning, I was setting up my tent with the help of my dad. A customer pulled up, and began inquiring about getting a repair done. I took control of the conversation, and answered his questions. Yet, 90% of the time he was trying to talk to my dad. I was wearing a uniform, my dad was not. He even told the customer at the beginning of the interaction that I was the one to talk to. My dad doesn’t even know how to do a repair. But the customer assumed that because my dad is a man, he was the better one to talk to. 

Sexism may not be as prevelant as it once was, but it is still alive and well. If I’m experiencing this as someone with a great deal of privilege, just imagine what others without that must be going through. This is why International Womens Day is important.


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